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Note from the Pres and Secretary


Note from the Pres.

September 2017

The Club has had a good summer and is stepping into the fall season with a positive outlook. Over the last few months we have been able to entertain our members with some outstanding annual events, Appreciation Day, Corn Boil, two golf outings, Cubs/Brewers Bus trip, and Burgers in Paradise.  We continue to offer Steak Fry night, Wing Night, Sherri’s Kitchen, as well as our Members Free Lunch. Along with these visible activities we continue to improve the over-all state of the Club. The Parking Lot has been sealed and striped, an updated phone system, an updated computer and Wi-Fi system, additional shelves in storage areas, and other numerous improvements.

Plus, for all our Green Bay fans, a pair of Hi-Def antenna has been installed and the stations from Milwaukee and Madison are now available for viewing of the Packer games.           

We plan to continue these types of activities, updates and improvements. We are also adding a new event on September 16th, Bacon Fest. Make sure to read the bulletin boards and sign up for these events. Many of these events need the help of our members.  Please volunteer if you can.

Regarding our “Free Lunch Saturdays”; the intent is for all that participate to get one serving. If there is extra after everyone has had an opportunity then you are welcome to seconds. There are times when people take extra-large helpings and the food runs out before others have had a chance to get any food at all. Please be courteous to all members and take one portion and allow others to get at least some food.

Our General Meetings start up again in September; your input at these meetings would be greatly appreciated. Your Board of Directors is always looking out for the best interest of the Club, but your suggestions and ideas will help guide the Board in the directions and goals that our members would like the Club to achieve.

Thank you for your support of our Club and I am looking forward to seeing and talking to you soon.

Myron Shayka


Secretary’s Letter

September, October, November and December Newsletter, 2017


Since our last newsletter, we have lost 4 members – Sharon Button, Bill St. John, Marilyn Parks, and Mike Belone.


Starting October 1st, I will be accepting dues and FOB fees for the 2018 year.  The total for regular members is $35.00.  Gold Card members must pay the $5.00 FOB fee.  Don’t wait until the last minute and cost yourself more money.  On January 1st, cost is $45.00 and on February 1st it increases to $55.00.  If not paid by March 1st, on March 2nd you are no longer a member.


I know that some people are getting rid of their land lines and many times this is the number we have on the membership list.  If you have changed your number, please see that I get the new number.  You can drop it in the suggestion box or put your new number with your dues when you pay them. You can also place it in a  envelope with my name on it and leave it with the bartender. Example, we just had someone win a prize at the corn boil and we could not get in touch with them through their phone number.  If you had a problem getting on the web page last month there was a technical problem that has been taken care of and I will try to keep the web page up to date. Blackhawk Club. com


September events – Sept. 9th – Lunch; Sept 10th – general meeting; Sept. 12th – Wings; Sept. 16th – Bacon Fest; Sept. 17th – Steak Breakfast; Sept. 21st – Steak Fry; Sept. 23rd – Goggle Dart Tournament by Lions Club; Sept. 26th – Wings 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the every month


October Events – Oct 1st – General Meeting; Oct. 2nd – First Pasta Dinner; Oct. 10th – Wings; Oct. 14th – lunch; Oct. 15th – Pork Chop Breakfast; Oct 19th – Steak Fry; Oct. 24th – Wings; Oct. 28th – Kid’s Halloween Party 11 am to 1 pm.  Adult party 8 pm till 12 pm – Pablo and the Rhythmic playing.  Oct. 29th Dan Heimert will start food drive for Christmas.


November Events – Nov. 5th – General Meeting; Nov. 6th – Pasta Dinner; Nov. 11th – Lunch; Nov. 14th – Wings; Nov. 16th – Steak Fry; Nov. 19th – Buffet Breakfast; Nov 23rd – Thanksgiving, Tom & Jerry’s will be served, check times club will be open; Nov. 28th – Wings, Check bulletin board for date of Meat Raffle


December Events – Dec. 2nd – Decorate for Christmas-Bring snack food; Dec 3rd – General Meeting; Dec. 4th – Pasta Dinner; Dec. 9th – Christmas Pot Luck Lunch; Dec. 12th – Wings; Dec. 16th – Breakfast with Santa 9-11;

 Dec. 17th  Steak Breakfast and Election of board members; Dec. 26th – Wings; Christmas eve open 10-4p.m.; Christmas day open from 5pm-11pm;  Dec. 31st – New Year’s Eve -Audio Drive playing from 9-1, Prime Rib or Baked Chicken dinner by Brian;